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Funding the Future

An endowment to support the Partners for the Conservation of the Los Osos Coastal Dunes

To foster the ongoing creation and management of the Los Osos Wildlife Corridor, a permanent fund has been created,  This endowment ensures an ongoing, protected stream of income to help protect, preserve, and restore this rare and valuable ecosystem by supporting coordination between public and private land owners and providing outreach and education in the local community. In particular, the endowment funds creative conservation projects by young people in the area.

The endowment was gifted from a local property owner who sold their land to the California Department of Fish & Wildlife to become the Morro Dunes Ecological Preserve. The endowment is held by the Community Foundation San Luis Obispo and supervised by the County of San Luis Obispo.

Learn more about the endowment

(Your donation will be made to the Community Foundation San Luis Obispo. Please earmark it for the Partners for the Conservation of the Los Osos Coastal Dunes. A more specific donation link will be added soon.)

For more information, contact Kerry Brown, San Luis Obispo County Planner, at

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“We cannot say we love the land and then take steps to destroy it for use by future generations.”
― Pope John Paul II
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