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Children speak out to protect habitat...
and their future.

The Los Osos Wildlife Corridor is in need of a little help coordinating the trail management system.


Our children's art contests help educate children and the public about the nature around them.


Using children's signs to promote habitat restoration lets users know the right trail to use, the rules of the trail, and what plants and animals live there.


These signs used as trail markers help protect vital habitat from being trampled. 

Join our annual project through local schools to help keep trail users informed about how to steward this land for the next generation. 

Not Just Mine: Kids and Plovers on the beach

Not Just Mine: Kids and Plovers on the beach

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Start your own conservation project by downloading learning resources

“When you share nature with a child, you are planting a seed in their minds, of their role. Exposing children to nature will introduce them to their responsibility for it in the future. Nature teaches us. The children need to experience it and they will be empowered by it.”
— Chumash Values by Mati Waiya
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